Department Information

Michele Vannerson, Director                            586-949-0400, ext. 6450 

Matt Carr, Recreation Coordinator                              586-949-0400 ext. 6451

Aaron DuCharme, Recreation Coordinator        586-949-0400 ext. 6407

Michelle Kemp, Clerical                                             586-949-0400 ext. 6408

Jessica Ashley, Clerical                                             586-949-0400 ext. 6448



Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: The Chesterfield Township Parks, Recreation, & Senior Services Department fosters an environment in which the residents of Chesterfield and surrounding communities recognize the vital necessity of recreation offered through people, parks, playgrounds and preservation.  We provide efficient, cost-effective, professional services to our residents in a fair, cooperative, ethical and honest manner.

Through diverse programs that reach and are inclusive to all members of the community and parks that are popular and efficiently operated.  Parks, Recreation, & Senior Services ensures people have opportunities to “come out and play” in achievement of health, wellness, growth and socialization. We are a department that cooperates with all community groups to provide a variety of indoor and outdoor ways to recreate. It is our job to assist in the establishment of public parks and facilities that are maintained at the highest quality and improved on a regular basis to meet the community’s future. Value and service driven, we are inspired to be innovative and progressive in providing cost effective services. We provide citizens with a firm belief in the reliability, truth, and strength of leisure services for all ages.


Physical and Mailing Location


Chesterfield Township Municipal Offices:

47275 Sugarbush Road     Phone:  (586) 949-0400 ext. 4  
Chesterfield, MI  48047  Fax:  (586) 949-3156
Google Map  Program Cancellation:  (586) 949-0400 ext. 4, then option 1


Chesterfield Community Center (Sugarbush Elementary) 

48400 Sugarbush Road     Phone:  (586) 949-0400 ext. 4  
Chesterfield, MI  48047  Fax:  (586) 949-3156
Take a VIRTUAL tour!  Program Cancellation:  (586) 949-0400 ext. 4, then option 1 



Standard Township Office Hours
 Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun 
 8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am   CLOSED   CLOSED 
 4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm   4:30pm  CLOSED  CLOSED 

Policies & Procedures


Pre-registration is required for all formalized activities in the Senior Center and offered through the Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Department. Registrations are accepted, in-person, at the Chesterfield Township Municipal Offices, 47275 Sugarbush (N. of 21 Mile, S. of Cotton.) Cash, check, credit card or money order is accepted for walk-in payments. The customer will incur a service fee for credit card transactions. Enrollment can be done for most classes and activities by visiting our website at Click the “REGISTER NOW” tab on the left side of the screen. Follow the prompts using your email address for login to the registration system. Facility reservations and select programs are not available online. Call the Leisure Services Department at 586-949-0400 ext. 4 for further information. There is a free-standing Drop Box located in the front circle drive at the Township Municipal Offices for after-hour enrollment. To register by mail or drop-box, enclose a check made payable to Chesterfield Township along with the appropriate registration form. Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services is unable to prorate fees due to late registration or partial attendance. It is the responsibility of the participant to update their phone, email, and address to receive the most current information.



Chesterfield Township Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services will consider refunds for programs and sports leagues under the following circumstances:

• A refund request will be accepted and reviewed by submitting a written refund request. A form is available online or in the Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Office. Refund requests can also be made by emailing A 10% processing fee ($5 minimum), long with any cost incurred by the Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Department (uniforms/apparels, supplies, equipment, contractual expenses, etc.), will be assessed to determine the total amount of the refund.

• Refunds will not be processed for one-time programs, special events, bus trips, ticket sales, adult sports, facility or equipment rentals.

• Programs meeting four times or less, refund requests must be received prior to the first meeting. Programs and sports leagues meet- ing more than four times, refunds will be considered prior to the second scheduled program meeting/practice.

• Summer Day Camp refunds will be considered until June 10th of each year. Program costs and materials will be assessed to deter mine the refunded amount.

• If Chesterfield leisure Services cancels a program, the participant will receive a refund. Approved refund may take up to 8 weeks for reimbursement.

• Transaction/convenience fees for all payments by credit/debit card are not refundable.

• Chesterfield Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services reserves the right to review these procedures and administer refunds in the best interest of participants and within approved accounting practices.



Chesterfield Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services reserves the right to cancel an activity or program because of a lack of enrollment or other circumstances beyond its control. If a cancellation is necessary, enrollees will be contacted by phone, and a full refund will be processed.



When the weather calls for enough precipitation to cancel, games, practices, programs and/or special events, cancellations will be posted on our Facebook pages. Follow-us at ‘Chesterfield Township Parks & Recreation or ‘Chesterfield Township Senior Center’. Cancellations will also be available by 586-949-0400 press 4, then 1. The latest the telephone line is updated will be 4:30PM. With the unpredictable nature of weather, outdoor activity participants will need to show up for the activity to determine if it is being canceled.



Instructors and staff members are not permitted to sell any product, service or promote any spiritual or religious activity while performing duties as an instructor, facility member or contracted employee of Chesterfield Township Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services. Literature with commercial content or business cards may not be made available to students unless requested by the participant. Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services and its staff are not responsible for any activities that may take place inside or outside the classroom or off township properties.



Chesterfield Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services frequently takes photos or video images of event and activity participants, visitors to our parks, and persons utilizing our facilities. These photos and video images are the property of the Township and may be used for promotional and marketing purposes.