Spring League

May 2 - June 16, 2022

Tee-Ball M/W      ages 5-6     $52R / $57NR

Tee-Ball T/TH      ages 5-6     $52R / $57NR

Pitching Machine T/TH  ages 7-8     $80R / $85NR

Minors T/TH          ages 9-10       $82R / $87NR

Majors M/W           ages 11-12     $90R / $95NR

Seniors M/W         ages 13-15     $90R / $95NR


Summer League

July & August: 2022 TBD

Tee-Ball M/W Ages 5-6                $48R/$53NR

Tee-Ball T/TH Ages 5-6                $48R/$53NR

Pitching Machine T/TH Ages 7-8  $63R/$68NR

Minors T/TH Ages 9-10                 $73R/$78NR

Majors M/W Ages 11-12                $78R/$83NR

Seniors M/W Ages 13-15              $78R/$83NR

Fall League

September & October, 2022 TBD

Tee Ball ages 5-6 M/W                  $45R / $50NR

Pitching Machine ages 7-8 T/TH  $60R / $65NR

Minors ages 9-10 M/W                  $70R / $75NR

Majors ages 11-12 T/TH                $75R / $80NR



2021 Leisure Services Communications

Home Mailer                                                    Coaches Letter   

Coaching Background Check Form

COACH Concussion Training

**VOLUNTEER COACHES ARE VITAL for league play to happen! Please sign-up at registration or call 586-949-0400 ext. 6451 to designate yourself as a coach!**

2021 Schedules


Pitching Machine   SCHEDULE



**Updated 9/8/21

PM Rain Schedule Change

MAJ Rain Schedule Change

2021 League Rules

Tee Ball

Pitching Machine

Majors (Girls)

Majors (Boys)



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